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Now let me take this moment to introduce myself: I am Tara Lynn Sparacio, Senior Loan Officer at Insula Capital Group, and your direct connection to obtaining reliable, above average yields from our innovative Private Lending Real Estate Fund, managed by the Loan Gurus at Insula Capital Group. 

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Insula Capital Group, LLC is a private money lender and real estate investment company providing short term fix and flip loans as well as permanent financing options for real estate investors.  Insula Capital Group aims to institutionalize the private money lending space by providing capital, technology, and guidance to clients on its platform that enable them to improve and expand every aspect of their business.  


  • Our approach to real estate investing strikes a healthy balance between conservative underwriting and marketplace opportunity. 

  • We are committed to deploying capital in a conservative manner.  

  • While we understand that preservation of investor capital is paramount, our goal is to provide investors with a higher than average dividend yield.  

  • At Insula Capital Group, we understand that our success is inextricably tied to that of our clients, now and over time.  Therefore, we are committed to providing each and every client the very best product and service possible.  

investor summary


Projected 8 Projected 8 – 12% annual preferred return on investment.

Monthly Dividends based upon Fund Profits

Simple Process for investors to invest from self-directed IRA Accounts.

Investors have online access to account information.

The Fund will make monthly distributions from Fund Income and Profits, which coincide with each investor's 8% preferred return on invested capital, secured by first position deeds of trust. 

While each investor's capital is used to fund a specific loan, once deployed the funds are distributed across all loans in the portfolio on a pro-rata basis with the other investors allowing for increased diversification. 

An investors preferred interest is paid out on a monthly basis and can be reinvested or taken as monthly income.  


Insula expects to expand underwriting to over $80 million dollars by the end of 2018, with an increase to $200 million in 2019 and over $300 million in 2020.

The Company has built a strong, stable origination platform and has underwriting, appraisal, and risk management systems, and personnel in place to scale to a regional lender that holds and builds its own portfolio.  There are two applications which will allow the company to capture a real time foothold in the fix and flip marketplace.  

The Company will put field appraisal tools and applications and financing tools for fix and flip business owners to enhance program loyalty and enhance operating profits.  Based upon our survey of the five leading institutional lenders, it appears the company deploys lending partnerships with enhanced lending margins that it can build a lending and origination business that can scale to a national platform.  This will further enhance equity investor confidence in our growing platform. 



  • Rates:  Determined by such factors as experience of the borrower, location, nature of the borrower's business, and the financial strength of the borrower.  Loans are typically fixed rate, interest-only loans.  Attractive interest rates - targeting 9%-13%. 

  • Loan Size: $100,000 - $5 Million

  • Lien Position: First Position mortgage on primary collateral

  • Loan Term: Range from 12 to 36 months for flips.  Permanent Financing Loans up to 30-Years. 

  • Program: Up to 90% of purchase price, 100% of rehab.  Not to exceed 65% of the ARV (After Rehab Value). 

  • Valuations:  Conservative based upon "fire sale" time frames. 

  • Prepayment Penalty: Our loans typically have no prepayment penalty.  This means borrowers can pay back loans at any time during the loan term (even the next day after funding) without having to pay any extra fees for finishing their project ahead of schedule. 

  • Guarantee:  Most Loans are guaranteed by the borrower as full recourse.

  • Loan Reserve:  A determination of loan payment reserve will be based upon the loan structure and the financial strength of the Borrower. 

  • Loan Origination: Our loan origination fees are industry competitive, and range from 1%-4% of the total loan amount or as determined on a case-by-case basis. 

  • Assignment of Rents Clause included in all closing documents


Fully Insured with the Fund as the Loss Payee


Qualified buyers with appropriate credit history.  


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