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Alex Mundo

Senior Loan Officer

Alex is a Senior Loan Officer with Insula Capital Group and your direct connection to obtaining fast, reliable financing to fund your next real estate investment project.

Alex is one of the top Loan Specialists at Insula and has successully funded fix and flips across the country - as well as buy and hold rental properties and cash out refis.

Alex strives to provide dedicated service and expert support to all of his clients.  He is available mornings, evenings, even weekends by phone or for in person consultations to discuss your goals and all the ways Insula can assist you with your next deal.

Whether you're a flipper who never flops, a builder who never stops, or a landlord looking to stay on top, Alex and Insula can provide you access to on-demand capital to grow your business and boost your bottom line.  


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Alex has been extremely helpful in helping me fund my real estate projects.

He has quickly become a very valuable part of my investment team and is a genuinely good and fair person who is very resourceful, works hard, and is literally always there for me whenever I need him.


Whatever it is, he gets it done, and I can’t emphasize enough how important that is when you're running a business. If someone is looking to grow their business and wants to know that their funding partner will have their back, then I can’t recommend Alex Mundo enough.


Thanks Alex, I really appreciate you man.



As a direct lender we have the ability to make a lending decision quickly with approvals issued in 24 hours, and loans funded in as fast as 5 business days. 


We will consider all lending opportunities nationwide across the United States, including Washington D.C. 

our suite of loan products

fix and flip

new construction

buy & hold


Fix and Flip loans are available to both experienced and first time flippers. 

Insula will lend up to 90% of purchase price, 100% of the rehab cost, and 65% of the After-Rehab-Value (ARV).  

Loan terms can be customized to fit your project. All loans are interest-only and feature no prepayment penalty. Our Rates and Points are dependent on your experience level and credit profile.


New Construction Loans are available to experienced builders only. 


This program allows you to finance up to 65% of Land Acquisition and up to 80% of the Construction Costs. 


Loan terms are typically available from six to twelve months, but we will consider each scenario individually and provide rates and terms in accordance with the financial strength of the borrower and their experience level.  


Permanent Financing is available for borrowers who may be unable to obtain conventional financing through a bank. 


Insula Buy & Hold Financing Requires no Income or Asset Verification.  We will lend up to 90% Acquisition Cost, up to 65% ARV (After Rehab Value or 70% ARV in non-judicial states).  Borrowers have the option to roll in up to 100% of any planned renovation costs.

This program offers lower rates than our short term bridge loan products, and is great for cash-flowing.

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