Insula Capital Group

About Us

Welcome to Insula Capital Group

Insula Capital Group is a private lender and real estate investment company. Our loans are underwritten in-house, tailor-made to fit each of our clients individual needs. Lightning fast funding and an easy application, inspection, and closing process. Approvals are issued within 24-hours and most of our loans fund in 5 days or less.

Fix & Flip

Finance up to 90% of Purchase Price, 100% of Rehab Cost

Multifamily Mixed Use

Finance up to 80% of Purchase Price, 100% of Renovation Costs

Residential Rental Program (Buy & Hold)

Rates as low as 4.5% for a 30 year fixed option

New Construction

Finance up to 65% of After Completed Value, 100% of Construction Costs

We love exceeding expectations and breaking our own speed records, deal after deal.

Focused On You

Our services revolve around the investor, YOU. We provide timely and efficient services because we understand that time is sensitive in the real estate investing industry. We are here to build a lasting relationship and help YOU grow your real estate portfolio.

Private Lending Done Right

Our loans underwritten in-house and our own direct private fund provide real estate investors with lightning fast funding and a seamless application, inspection and closing process. Approvals are issued within 24-hours and our loans fund within 5 days or less.

The Difference